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Assignment 2-Story in Images without Words (Revised Mind Map)

We had class last Thursday and Mr. Rodrigo told us to have a better consideration and interpretation before starting this assignment. After taking sometimes to build a good understanding about it, I come up with this idea and concept to revise the previous concept. I hope it is solving the misconception I had last time.

The new concept is about the struggle of someone who made it to survive a critical situation. It will be illustrated in some kind of chopped images that still supporting the concept and narratives. I let the audience to build their own interpretation about the narratives because I will not show the real story in detail. It will be done with Photoshop and Indesign (I will try to explore this software) for the illustrations and layout. The image sequences might have a little change if needed, but, it will be similar to the initial concept.Mind Map



  1. Start mapping your asthmatic choices. It is good to have a mind map of the concept but you need to sketch your ideas visually as well.


  2. # Aesthetic not asthmatic


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